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On Labour Day 1972, a middle school science teacher on a picnic with friends stumbled upon a fossilized bone fragment in a creek bed. Scanning up the sides of the creek he noticed even more bones sticking out from the top of the 10-metre cliff—a discovery that would change the course of his life, cement the careers of palaeontologists, and change the culture of a small northern town. Follow the Bones unravels the mystery of a 73 million year old bone bed – a place where hundreds of dinosaurs died en masse. Tucked into a cliff that overlooks Pipestone Creek in Northern Alberta, the story follows the bones through the hands of amateurs, archivists, palaeontologists, curators and exhibit designers. The bones, lost in the archives for close to a decade, rediscovered by a curious researcher and then painstakingly pieced together, tell us what it takes to build a world-class museum­­ in a town of 1,300 people. The film (part graphic novel, part creative non-fiction and part documentary) follows a cast of characters from the soggy insect-infested forests of Northern Alberta to the scorching heat of Dinosaur Provincial Park in the south, from hidden field quarries, to the labs of the Royal Tyrrell Museum, and the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum.

The doc is shot and directed by Terry O'Neill and Tara Cooper. Illustrations by Kagan McLeod. Soundtrack by Ken Myhr.

Special thanks to the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, they have a fantastic website – check it out – 

Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for funding this project, wouldn't have happened without them!